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About Random Birthday Generator

A Random birthday generator is an online tool that helps you generate random birthdays as per your requirement. If you want random birthdays between specific dates, you can do that very quickly with the help of a Random birthday generator. Our Random birthday generator tool could be more useful if you are using it for some of your statistical works, or you can also use them for quizzes or simulations. 

What is a Random Birthday Generator?

A Random birthday generator is an automated online tool that works on different types of algorithms to provide you with multiple random birth dates between the dates or years you want. Moreover, a Random birthday generator tool could be useful in many ways, and many people use it to access hundreds of random birth dates as per their requirements.   

How to generate a random birthday?

This question about “How to generate a random birthday?” must surely arise in your mind. Don’t worry about it because you are in the right place; we have shared with you an online random birthday generator tool using which you can generate a random birthday.

The only thing you need to do to generate a random birthday is in the box where there’s written “From Year,” you need to enter the year from which you want to generate a random birthday. For example, it could be any, such as 2006, 2007, etc. Then in the second box, where “To year” is written, you need to enter the year till which you want your random birthday to be. Your random birthday would be between both years. Now enter the number of birthdays you want to generate in the third box; you can generate up to 99 at a time; in the fourth box, just choose the date format of your choice. Lastly, you just need to click on the generate button. That’s it. Now, all of the birthdates will instantly appear on the screen, and you just need to copy them to the clipboard and use them anywhere you want. 

How does the birthday generator work?

The birthday generator works on an algorithm that allows it to select a specific date between two random dates. The generator generates a random number between the two dates you have provided. Such as, if you have given your starting date to be 1800 and the end date to be 2023, then the algorithm works so that it will instantly start providing dates ranging between 1800-2023, such as 2000, 1900, 1875, etc. 

Benefits of using a random birthday generator.

You can use the random birthday generator for many of your uses, some of which have been shared here. There first plus point of using a random birthday generator is that you can choose the date among any of the two dates of your choice, which means that you can choose any of the years of your choice, and the generator will provide you with the suitable birthdates between the two dates. The second benefit is that you can choose among different date formats as per your requirement, and you have got five different date formats which you can choose from. 

The third benefit is that you can generate up to 99 random birth dates in just one click, free of cost. The fourth benefit is that you would also get numerous birthdates with their current age, so requiring a birthdate with a specific age would be very beneficial. The last benefit of using the random birthday generator tool is that you can simply copy all of the generated birthday in just a single click, this is one of the best features, and many other random birthday generator tool lacks this feature.  

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